Dear Terry:

Thank you for providing your leadership and guidance to improve communication and team work for our project team for the Palmdale Medical Center project in Palmdale , California . You assistance was instrumental in improving communication and problem solving processes for this major construction development project.

Although I did not attend your first facilitation it was obvious by the participation in the follow up session that your lessons stuck with the principal participants. The recall demonstrated by the team showed that they listened and employed your skills. The improvements on and off the job site also show the fruit of our collective efforts.

Terry, UHS and I thank you for helping to improve some difficult relationships and construct a creative and productive work environment. I will call upon you again when the need arrises.


William R. Seed
Director, Design & Construction
Universal Health Services, Inc.


I had contacted Mr. Strom through the recommendation of the Centre for Organizational Effectiveness in San Diego .   We have utilized the Centre to assist with human relations and team building efforts throughout our organization.   The Department of Human Resources had received feedback from our clients that indicated a need for re-training of the department staff in the area of customer service and client responsiveness.  The staff had all attended customer service training in the past, but we needed an advanced training session that focused on more critical issues.    In working with Mr. Strom to closely develop a unique training and development session for HR, I learned about Mr. Strom’s extensive experience in training sales personnel.  I asked Mr. Strom to include the same approaches he puts forth in sales training when presenting our session.

The session was excellent.   Mr. Strom did a great job in keeping the staff’s interest and included them in interactive learning activities.   The feedback was extremely positive.   The staff has continued to use the tools Mr. Strom shared and will soon be receiving the second half of the Customer Service Training that will focus on dealing with difficult people and conflict resolution.

Mr. Strom’s experience and high energy make his presentation exciting and engaging.   I would recommend Mr. Strom’s services to any of my colleagues or managers seeking an effective trainer and training tool.

Ann Skinner

Director, Human Resources
UCSD Medical Center


The City of Temecula has found Terry to be a high energy, entertaining speaker who uses real life examples and stories to bring home the point that he is trying to make.  He understands the challenges of the public sector and the day to day situations that employees and managers face and this makes him an effective coach and trainer.

Grant Yates
Assistant City Manager
City of Temecula


“If you want to take your Business to the Next Level, you need a coach!  I highly recommend Terry Strom to you, for he has had a profound impact on my business.  Terry is focused, smart, and ready to help you work ON your business, not just IN it.  Terry's executive coaching techniques take little time and have profound results.  Last year I was able to complete 437 transactions and 141 million dollars of business, this year, with Terry’s help, we are on track to do over 650 transitions and 250 million dollars in sales.” 

Brent Gove
# 2 RE/MAX Agent in California and Hawaii
#10 Worldwide for RE/MAX

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Terry Strom, M.B.A. I have known Terry Strom both as a business associate, and as a close friend, since 1992. I know Terry Strom to be a very good husband and father, and a strongly committed Christian. He has a strong work ethic, excellent character, and high morals. He is a High Initiative, Innovative, Self Starter, and is a very Goal Oriented, and Results Oriented person. He always Starts and Finishes Strong. During the course of the last 14 years, I have had a good opportunity to observe Terry Strom from a close business and personal perspective, and other vantage points, and to see him speak before small groups, and before groups of thousands of business people and business owners at 10 National Conventions, and many more Regional and Local Seminars. His speaking tapes and CD's have motivated and trained many thousands more.  I have found Terry Strom to be an enthusiastic and motivating speaker, with excellent oratory and motivational skills. He is always well prepared, engaging, and he always "comes across" very well to any audience. He relates well with people, individually and in smaller and larger groups, and always delivers a compelling and memorable message each time he speaks.  It is an honor to recommend Mr. Terry Strom to anyone as a Mentor, Success Coach, and Motivational and Training Speaker. 


Ed Johnson, J.D. Attorney
Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Investment Banker, and Venture Capitalist



Terry Strom is an invaluable resource to have on your team. Terry helped focus our sales and marketing efforts for our software consulting company on our clients' greatest pains, and differentiate our products and services from the ocean of competition in our business space, which allowed us to increase our closing percentage, and bring more revenue and profits to our bottom line. I highly recommend Terry's services to any business that wishes to see a significant increase in revenues and profits, maximize sales and marketing resource time and efficiency, eliminate wasted efforts, and zero in on the right customers at the right time like a laser beam.


Thomas W Hennie,
President and CEO, Principal and Owner, Sphynx Engineering, Inc.



Terry Strom is the idea guy that makes sure things get done.  He has unlimited energy that has inspired me and my distributors to action, and his business sense and guidance has been of great help to me and my international network marketing company.  Additionally, his depth of expertise in sales and marketing and his experince in building and running large sales teams has helped my distributors increase their sales, which has lead to increased profits for my company.  I highly recommend Terry to any business owner who is tired of where they are currently at, and wants to move their company to the next level of profitablity.  If that is where you are at, Terry Strom can help you."

Leif Johnson
LBJ International
Crown Ambassador Quixtar Corporation


I have seen Terry Strom speak at events in front of thousand of business professionals, and he is a wonderful speaker that teaches sales and communication skills in a very motivational and inspiring format.  He makes his talks entertaining by wrapping his major points in stories, which keeps the rapt attention of his audiences.  I had Terry speak at my AWBA Chapter, and his inspiration and training empowered me and my ladies. 


Sandra Schodt

Thalia Chapter

ABWA (American Business Woman’s Association)


Terry Strom and I met at a business seminar in which he was speaking at in 1990.  I was immediately impressed with his ability to motivate and inspire people.  As we began to develop business together, I learned of Terry’s tenacity, his never give up attitude, and his integrity when dealing with people.  I watched him coach people, come alongside them and help them achieve their business goals.


Over the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of hearing him teach and train thousands at seminars and on tape, as well as personally being mentored by him.  He has the ability to help people look beyond their circumstances and focus on what will bring profitability to their company.  I consider him to be a great asset to anyone’s team.


Lisa Forbes

Owner and Vice president of Urgent Express, LLC.



"I have known Terry for over 15 years and have personally witnessed the substantial impact he has had on numerous businesses. If you NEED to get your business up and running, or you simply want to turn profit, or, if you WANT to take it to the next level, you GOTTA have Terry on your side.


Even the greatest sports stars have a coach who can keep them focused and improving...your business needs one too. If you can get Terry to put you into his schedule, his insights and observations will drive $$$ to YOUR bottom line.


I have seen Terry help business owners move from private practice, to running a business, to becoming true entrepeneurs,..entrepenuers that can take time away from their business and have it grow without their physical presence. In fact, by applying Terry's strategies, the growth rate of your business will be astronomical.


One of the key components of growing a business is having that trusted advisor whose dedicated to helping you increase your income. Terry is the one of the few people who you can count on to push you, advise you, train you and get you to the where you want to be.


Orlando Frasca, Founder,

Rogers Insurance Services, Inc.

Internationally-Recognized Insurance Expert, Speaker and Author. Featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, Wall Street Journal and other newspapers coast-to-coast. Charter Member for the National Society of Agents for Consumer Education




It is much easier to give a character reference about somebody when you have spent a lot of time with them and seen them in various real life situations. I've had the opportunity to associate with Terry as a business partner and to vacation with him and his family on many occassions.  In business Terry has a heart to do things the right way, with the excitment and determination that has lead to record breaking accomplishments. I wish I had his energy level. He would never ask anyone to do something he hasn't done himself. A rare character trait. Everything he teaches he has proven by example, not theory.  As a husband and father, Terry has kept his priorities in order.  He would be my first choice to motivate and teach a sales force.   Randy Jaramillo