Sales Optimization

Below I have given you a summary of my sales optimization process, where I will spend time as needed to go over powerful sales skills and team building for the business owner and the sales team.  My full program will go into much more detail on this topic:


What ever you call it, if you are in sales the only thing you need to be doing is bringing in the business.  All other activities are busy work and are not making you money.  Running and building several sales teams and knowing many successful and unsuccessful sales people, I have seen too many salespeople that will do anything they can to not sell.  Duties such as filing, cleaning your desk, getting more organized are all just excuses to not be selling.


I am the first person to agree that many people are not made to be sales people, but if you have chosen that as you profession of choice, then you need to be doing the tasks that put potential clients in the sales funnel and will lead to CLOSING a sale.  Anything that is not leading to that end is wasting your time.

I truly believe that the profession of sales done properly is the highest calling in a profession that you can have.  If you and the product or service you are selling are solving problems for your customers or is adding positively to the bottom line or lifestyle of your customers, you are doing your job.  In fact, the highest calling in the sales field is becoming a trusted advisor to your customer or client.  In fact for the rest of this discussion, I will refer to all the people or businesses you sell to as clients.  Because you come along side clients and help them solve their challenges, while you sell to customers.  This may just be syntax to some of you, but I want to encourage you to start thinking of the people you serve as clients, both for you and for them.  Think of it this way, a trusted advisor assists clients, while a sales person sells to customers.


I want to take you through a summary of the 9 key elements that a trusted advisor goes through in the process of completing a successful sale for them and their clients.  As we build our relationship together I will greatly expand on this topic as I help you create and train a powerful and effective sales force of one or many.  Now do you notice I said "successful sale for them" (your client)?  That means that the sale must benefit your client as much or more than the commission from it benefits you.  If your main goal is for your client to benefit more from their dealings with you than you benefit from the sale, then you are on your way to being radically successful in the sales profession.


The 10 key elements of a successful sale:

    1. Determine your target market.  This is addressed more specifically in Market Optimization.
    2. Persistence and Numbers.
    3. Develop a relationship with your client - develop your people skills
    4. Find out the needs, desires, challenges, and problems of your clients.
    5. Determine exactly how your product or service will help your client to meet those needs, desires, challenges, and problems.
    6. Ask for the sale.
    7. Getting and overcoming the objections.
    8. Follow up, follow up, follow up and follow through.
    9. Close the sale, get the money, sell the product.
    10. Client Satisfaction and Follow-Up Service. 


Sales Team Building Basics


    1. You get what you reward.
    2. Monetary Rewards are Most Important.
    3. The best sales people are more emotional.
    4. Time flexibility is important.
For a more detailed summary of my sales skills training and sales team builing basics click here.  As we work together, I will go into much more detail on these topics.