• Do you need your sales people to have technical experience, but realize that finding technical people with good people skills and/or sales skills is difficult?

  • Do you often find that great technical people that move into sales are many times lacking in the best people skills?

  • Do you find that your technical sales people often lack the necessary communication skills necessary to communicate technical ideas and concepts to non-technical audiences and clients?

  • Do you find that many times your technical sales people are great at the technical details, but NOT always so great at the sales process and the sales skills needed to get the sale?

  • Do you find that some of your best technical sales people are analytical in nature and have a hard time getting inspired and motivated to meet new and higher sales goals?

Well if you have any of these issues, Terry Strom, who has given motivating and inspiring presentations to over 250,000 professional in groups as large as 15,000 people, who is a registered engineer with 14 years of experience as a design engineer, project manager, and the manager of engineering teams, can help your technical sales organization greatly increase sales and revenues for your company through his onsite training seminars, and keynote addresses and breakout sessions at your next major event.


Terry's Three Primary Speaking Topics for Technical Sales Teams are:


  1. Motivational and inspiration stories and lessons designed to get your technical sales team re-started and recharged, or to empower them to meet a pre-determined goal, or to move to them to the next level of sales success. 
  2. People/Communication skills development for the Technical Sales Professional.
  3. The sales process including goal setting, rainmaking, moving through the sales funnel, posturing, closing, and accountability. 

Terry realized he had strong technical strengths when he graduated 2nd in his class with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering, but he knew he needed to know more about business, sales, and personal communication skills if he was going to reach his full potential in life.  He also realized that the people who had the highest incomes and moved up the corporate ladder the quickest in technical companies were the people with both great technical skills and great sales and personal communization skills.


But most importantly, Terry realized that if a person had good technical skills, he or she could LEARN the necessary sales and personal communication skills.

Therefore, Terry will teach your sales team these important skills in a fun an entertaining manner wrapping his major points in stories for better understanding and acceptance by your sales team. Additionally, while teaching these skills, Terry will encourage, inspire, and motivate your sales team to meet your company’s revenue goals and expectation for growth in the coming year


To better his sales and personal communications skills, Terry completed his MBA from the University of Southern California (USC) and left engineering after 12 years to start his own direct sales company, Strom International, where within a few short years he increased his income signicantly from what he was making as an engineering manager. 


Terry then went into business development consulting for a technical services company, and eventually became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a software development Firm, a technical consulting company, and later a Director/Vice President of Sales for an international medical services firm. 


Terry has spoken on stages with Tom Landry, Rudy Rutiger, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Oliver North, Shad Hemstetter, Wes Bevis, Tim Timmons, Willie Jollie and many others.  He has spoken in front of over 250,000 professionals in small groups to large groups with over 15,000 people in attendance at major arenas across the United States and internationally.  Also, Terry is a writer and is in 4 books that are focused on motivation and personal development for professionals.  His first book, "The Power of Motivation" includes Terry and motivational speakers Les Brown and Willie "Famous" Amos. His second and third books “Conversations of Success” includes Terry and Dr. Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Dr. John Gray. And his fourth book “Mission Possible” includes Terry and Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy. 


Invite Terry for onsite training or to your next major event for a keynote address and/or break out session, where he will teach, inspire, and motivate your sales team to meet your company’s revenue goals and expectations for growth in the coming year.  


Terry Strom Speaks to Direct Sales Groups
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