Keynote/Seminars for Direct Sales Groups

  • Do you have Distributors or Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) that never planned on building a network marketing business, and are now in “the business, but not engaged in the business?

  • Do you have IBO’s that are not working their businesses effectively because they do not believe they have the sales and/or network marketing experience to make money building your network marketing business?
  • Do you have distributors that feel like less worthy people because they joined your network marketing company, and are embarrassed to talk to anyone about your company’s opportunity?
  • Do you have IBO’s that continually buck your system because they are going to build it “their way”?
  • Do you have a high percentage of quitters that never even give your business a try?

If you have any of these problems and several more that Terry has identified, you have a problem with “Reluctant Network Marketers”.  These are the IBO’s and distributors that never planned on joining a network marketing company, but in many cases saw the opportunity, got very excited, and got signed up.  However, the next day they developed buyer’s remorse, and were asking themselves, how did I get into this?


Terry is an expert at converting Reluctant Network Marketers into profitable IBO’s and distributors. The reason that Terry is so good at this is because he was once a Reluctant Network Marketers himself, and was able to get past his fears, misconceptions, and negative from those closest to him and create a very profitable network marketing business that is still paying him substantial residuals.


Terry who had just finished his MBA from the University of Southern California (USC), was a successful engineering manager, and had never sold or given a sales presentation in his life, however, as soon as he realized he was seeing a network marketing business presentation he said to himself “what will my professional friends think”?  At first he was the type of prospect you did not want to work with.


  • He told his future sponsor, if this is network marketing, I am not interested.
  • He canceled his first appointment.
  • He was terrified of talking to anyone about the opportunity.
  • He knew his successful friends would think he was a failure when they found out he was in network marketing.


But, Terry overcame his Reluctant Network Marketer tendencies and:


  • Built a downline of many thousands of IBO’s.
  • Created a significant 6 figure income.
  • Opened up multiple foreign countries.
  • Taught in front of many groups of as large as 15,000 distributors both domestically and internationally.


Terry was the epitome of a reluctant network marketer who made it big in network marketing, acheiving the level of Quixtar (Amway) Direct Distirbutor, can show your professional distributors and their prospects that have never sold anything in the past, and feel like they are betraying their profession by entering network marketing, that even someone totally un-destined for network marketing can become a huge success in network marketing.


Terry has spoken on stages with Tom Landry, Rudy Rutiger, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Oliver North, Shad Hemstetter, Wes Bevis, Tim Timmons, Willie Jollie, and many others.  He has spoken in front of over 250,000 network marketing professionals in small groups to large groups with over 15,000 people in attendance at major arenas across the United States and internationally.  Also, Terry is a writer and is presently finalizing 4 books that are focused on motivation and professional personal business development for network marketing professionals.  His first book, “The Power of Motivation” will include Terry and motivational speakers Les Brown and Willie “Famous” Amos. His second and third books “Conversations of Success” will include Terry and Dr. Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Dr. John Gray. And his fourth book “Mission Possible” will include Terry and Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy. 


Because of network marketing, Terry now resides in a prominent wine grape growing region near San Diego, California within a few minutes drive to several wineries, where he recently build a 6400 square foot custom home on over 6 acres on a private airstrip where he, his wife of over 20 years, and their four children live a wonderful life.  He and his wife have traveled around the world staying at many of the world’s top resorts, including vacationing over 25 times in Hawaii alone.  Network marketing has given Terry benefits like 2 month trips to Europe, staying at $5,000 per night private villas in the Virgin Islands , over 12 years at home with his family and many wonderful vacations with his family both domestically and abroad.


Terry will teach your distributors and their prospects how they can come from a non-sales professional corporate position to live the life of their dreams as a professional network marketer.  They will learn how even the most reluctant network marketer can be prospected, sponsored, trained, and moved on to the highest levels of network marketing in your organization.


Invite Terry to your next major event for a keynote address and/or breakout session where he will:

·         Build trust in your organization for your leaders and your company,

·         Increase the belief in your IBO’s/distributors that they can become successful,

·         Increase sponsoring and sales for you organization in a fun an entertaining manner, wrapping his major points in stories for better understanding and acceptance by your IBO’s and distributors.



Testimonials on Terry's Public Speaking

Terry Strom is the idea guy that makes sure things get done.  He has unlimited energy that has inspired me and my distributors to action, and his business sense and guidance has been of great help to me and my international network marketing company.  Additionally, his depth of expertise in sales and marketing and his experience in building and running large sales teams has helped my distributor’s increase their sales, which has lead to increased profits for my company.  I highly recommend Terry to any business owner who is tired of where they are currently at, and wants to move their company to the next level of profitability.  If that is where you are at, Terry Strom can help you."

Leif Johnson
LBJ International
Crown Ambassador Quixtar/Amway Corporation


I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Terry Strom, M.B.A. I have known Terry Strom both as a business associate, and as a close friend, since 1992.

I know Terry Strom to be a very good husband and father, and a strongly committed Christian. He has a strong work ethic, excellent character, and high morals. He is a High Initiative, Innovative, Self Starter, and is a very Goal Oriented, and Results Oriented person. He always Starts and Finishes Strong.

During the course of the last 14 years, I have had a good opportunity to observe Terry Strom from a close business and personal perspective, and other vantage points, and to see him speak before small groups, and before groups of thousands of business people and business owners at 10 National Conventions, and many more Regional and Local Seminars. His speaking tapes and CD's have motivated and trained many thousands more.

I have found Terry Strom to be an enthusiastic and motivating speaker, with excellent oratory and motivational skills. He is always well prepared, engaging, and he always "comes across" very well to any audience. He relates well with people, individually and in smaller and larger groups, and always delivers a compelling and memorable message each time he speaks.

It is an honor to recommend Mr. Terry Strom to anyone as a Mentor, Success Coach, and Motivational and Training Speaker.


Ed Johnson, J.D. Attorney

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Investment Banker, and Venture Capitalist


Terry Strom and I met at a business seminar in which he was speaking at in 1990.  I was immediately impressed with his ability to motivate and inspire people.  As we began to develop business together, I learned of Terry’s tenacity, his never give up attitude, and his integrity when dealing with people.  I watched him coach people, come alongside them and help them achieve their business goals.

Over the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of hearing him teach and train thousands at seminars and on tape, as well as personally being mentored by him.  He has the ability to help people look beyond their circumstances and focus on what will bring profitability to their company.  I consider him to be a great asset to anyone’s team

Lisa Forbes
Owner and Vice president of Urgent Express, LLC.Corporation