Step 3 - Plan

Now it is time for us to put a plan of action together to achieve the goals that you have made for changing, updating, or modifying your business operation elements.  We will apply plans to these goals in the order that we put them together through our prioritizing process which we completed during the evaluation of your business. 

We must put together a plan for achieving your goals that you believe is reachable, and I believe is stretchable.  Meaning if you put together a plan that you do not believe is reachable, you will not try hard to make it happen because you will not believe it is possible. However, if you put together a plan that does not stretch you to do better than you are already doing, then you will not make movement to the next level of revenue and profitability.

Therefore, you must:
Develop a goal with realistic expectations that stretch you. -

  • We must break down your goals into bite-size pieces that can be achieved with a moderate amount of time and energy.  This will help you keep from getting overwhelmed.
  • Then the completion of each of these bite sized pieces will constitute the completion of a sub-goal.
  • Each of these sub-goals must have a date of completion so we can hold you and your delegated representative accountable to completing these sub-goals on time.
  • If you run behind on meeting your completion dates for your sub-goals, and then we will have to determine where the problem is, resolve it, and reset the sub-goal date.  The main thing is we must make sure that missing one of these dates does not stall the completion of the plan.
  • Then you must reward yourself and the employees involved at the completion of the different sub-goals and the primary goal. This reward could be as little as leaving early on a Friday for your employees and a special dinner out for you and your significant other when the sub-goal or goal is competed.
  • Though out this process I will make sure you spend time every week working on this goal.   The problem with a lot of business owners is that they get caught up in the day to day running of their business and forget to work on the goals to grow their business that they have set for themselves.  I will make sure that you spend time each week taking yourself “out” of your business for a short time so you can work “on” your business each week.  

Now use this same formula to develop a plan for each project that was identified in the evaluation phase in the order that they were prioritized by you. -