Working "ON" Your Business Rather Than "IN" Your Business

Rush, rush, rush, do, do, do.  Does your day and week look like this?  The majority of business owners are so busy working day to day tactically "IN" their business taking care of problems and putting out fires that they spend very little or no time working "ON" their business strategically. 

They never get a chance (or give themselves a chance), to pull themselves out of their businesses and look at them from a more detached and distant view where they could see (or plan) where their businesses will be in the next 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.

As a result many times they get frustrated, depressed, and feel like their businesses owns them instead of the other way round.

How much profit would one breakthrough be worth to you?  Or how much would it be worth to be able to work yourself out of a job and enjoy the residual income from having a business that becomes a cash machine without you having to run it?  This does not happen without proper planning and the execution of a well structured plan. However, most business owners never get to this point because they keep telling themselves that they don't have the time and that they are needed too much on the front lines.  However, this type of reasoning keeps them captive and frustrated in their own company.

Again, how much would one breakthrough or the ability to work yourself out job be worth to you?  One hundred thousand dollars, one million dollars, 10 million dollars, or more?  Then divide that number by one hour per week for a year, for 2 years, etc.  I think you get the point that the time you spend working "ON" your business is worth much for than the time you spent working "IN" your business.

We will go over this in much more detail as we go through my Business Optimizer 5 Step Coaching Program.