Marketing Optimization

To start with, I need to ask you these 3 simple questions:

  1. Do you have a USP or a DAO?
  2. Is you Marketing Targeted and persistently consistent?
  3. How many marketing tactics do you use on an ongoing basis?

Do you have a USP or a DAO?

A USP has been touted by many as a unique selling proposition or unique selling position.  However, it could also be called a (only one of its kind, exclusive, distinctive, matchless) (advertising, promotion, endorsement, marketing) (scheme, suggestion, offer, point).  From this I believe that a USP is actually a distinctive advertising offer or DAO.

Very simply a USP is, or for my discussion purposes, a DAO, is what makes you different from (and better than) your competitor down the street or across the country.  Whether you are a drycleaner, restaurant, auto repair business, construction company, internet provider, real estate firm, or engineering company; you will always have plenty of competition, and that is not problem if you have a DAO.   Your distinctive advertising offer will differentiate you from your competitors, and allow you to break the advertising haze that surrounds your clients on a daily basis.  However, if you do not have a DAO, you have nothing that makes you stand out within the crowd.  Think of your customer standing on a stage looking over a crowd of hundreds or thousand (depending on your industry) of you and your competitors trying to decide which company (or companies) to evaluate and buy from.  In that scenario, would you stand out or just be one of the crowd.  Your potential customers will not buy from you if you are just one of the crowd.  But if you stand out in the crowd you increase your chances of attracting your customers dramatically.

As part of my coaching program with you, I will make sure you have a DAO. If you have one, we will work on making it more distinctive and special so you will definitely stand out in the crowd.  But if you do not have a DAO, we will work on developing one for you. I will also help you and your sales team to use your DAO more effectively in selling your company and its products or services.

Is you Marketing Targeted and persistently consistent?

Marketing is all about repetition, tenacity, monitoring, fine-tuning; and focus, focus, focus; and target, target, target.  Many small business owners send out one or two advertisements and don't get the response they want, and stop that advertisement and move on to another marketing tactic.

While others have no way of determining the response to their marketing and continue to throw away bad advertising dollars after bad advertising dollars because they don't have any type of direct response marketing in place in order to determine if their marketing is effective or not.

The first business owner mentioned above had neglected to realize that for their company's product or service to gain trust with a totally cold market, repetition is the most effective tactic.  The first time your prospective client sees your advertisement, they glance at it and throw it away because what you offer has no connection to them.  Then the second time they think "I have seen this before".  The fifth time, they are wondering "what is this new company about".  The 10th time, they are thinking "this must be an established company", and the 15th time they see your advertisement they are saying (if they are your target market and you properly marketed to that market) "maybe I should buy this product".  This was all by spaced repetition, where you send your material and/or call on them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

The second business owner did not use any type of direct response marketing and therefore had no idea whether their marketing was working.  They just kept spending the money week after week and "hoped" their advertising was working.

It’s sad how much money is wasted by business owners on un-targeted and un-measured advertising.  It’s not bad for all the magazines, newspapers, circulars, mailers, and online advertisers; but most small business owners could make their marketing and advertising dollars go much further if they were to spend time on some very fundamental marketing basics.

As part of my coaching program with you, we will be looking at your target market to determine (1) if you have actually determined exactly what it is; and (2) if your marketing program is properly addressing the needs, desires, and wants etc., of your target market; and (3) we will go over your marketing program and fine tune it as needed to optimize your marketing message and impact.

How many marketing tactics do you use on an ongoing basis?

I have had the great benefit of meeting and becoming a friend of Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the extremely successful Guerrilla Marketing Book series; and from that association I have become a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.  This gives you the benefit of what I have learned from being a part of the Guerrilla Marketing coaching program.  Guerrilla Marketing focuses on a large assortment of low cost and no cost marketing and advertising programs that you use together to create momentum in your marketing program that brings you much more success with your marketing than any one marketing tactic could bring you alone.

As part of my coaching program with you, I will be going through the different low cost and no cost marketing tactics to put together for you a comprehensive marketing plan and marketing calendar.