Step 1 - Assess

The first step is to determine what YOUR personal goals are for your life and your company, because your company's prosperity will determine your personal prosperity. Therefore once Terry and you determine what lifestyle  you are striving for, then both of you can set goals and objectives for your company in such a way that you can live the lifestyle you are planning for yourself.

Then once you determine your personal goals and your company goals, then you and Terry make an assessment of your company by looking at each of your business operating units and make a determination of their effectiveness, efficiency, and potential for moving your business to the next level of revenue and profitability.  Due to the importance of proper communication and leadership skills in the efficient operation of your company, Terry will assess these skills with you as well. He will do this by asking probing questions to get the information out of you about your company.

This may include any or all of the following areas of expertise and/or operating units, and could include others based on your particular business.


  • Sales -this is a biggie. Your company rises or falls on this operating unit. You can have the greatest products, but if they are not being sold to your target market, you are not making money.

  • Marketing – this drives sales. The problem with many marketing systems is that the marketing is not targeted and is not direct response.  Therefore, it is many times ineffective and the business owner does not know how much it is working, or if it is working at all.

  • People/Communication Skills - The task of a professional communicator is not only to say the right words, but to make sure that those words were communicated in a way that the receiver understood them in the manner that the sender meant them to be perceived.

    Peer to Peer communication skills in a company are essential to the effective operation of that company.  Additionally, having all staff being able to communicate properly and effectively to any and all customers/clients is essential for a company to be a leader in its industry and to grow to new levels.  Also, the ability for a salesperson to connect with and communicate effectively with potential and existing clients is necessary for sales growth. Lastly, all levels of management must communicate with precision to make sure that their employees know exactly what is required of them

  • Leadership Skills - In this day and age in order to have a work force that is loyal and efficient, it is essential that managers and executive management use a leadership management style, rather than the older more structured positional management style that uses negative motivational techniques to empower their employees.

  • Accounting - this operating unit can lose you money faster than any other operating unit, and if your systems are not tight, this department can, and will, drive clients away.

  • Shipping and Receiving - If your orders are not getting out in a timely manner it will tarnish the entire image of your company, even if you are doing every thing else right.

  • Human Resources - In our society where the courts are giving more and more leniency to employees, you need this operating unit on top of its game to keep you out of the courtroom. Additionally, your most important resource, your employees, are born from this operating unit.

  • Information Technology - With the rapid increase in technology, it is paramount to stay up with the latest technology in order to stay competitive.  Additionally, the increase in technology has brought with it an increase in security threats, therefore requiring you to keep up on the latest security developments.

  • Client (or Customer) Service - Treating your customers better than your competition is now the expectation, and you cannot afford not to be at your best in this area.

We will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of each of these operating units and which one(s) need our attention first.

One of the major problems facing many business owners is that they are working so hard tactically "IN" their businesses, that they spent very little or no time working "ON" their businesses from the outside with an eye towards growing each operating unit, and the business as a whole, to the next level of revenue and profitably.

Question: How much time do you REALLY spend working ON your business each and every week? The answer for most business owners is not two hours, not one hour, not 30 minutes, but more like ZERO?

Which means that we may find operating units that are running very efficiently and effectively, but they are not poised for growing your business to the next level? Therefore, operating units will be assessed based on this element also.

Another very important area that we will assess, is your time management skills and the time management skills of your management team and sales organization.

Once we have assessed your business and your operating units, we will move to the evaluation process.