About Terry Strom, The Business Optimizer

Terry Strom’s original career direction and training was in engineering.  He graduated 2nd in his class in Civil Engineering from the California Polytechnic University, Pomona; then worked 12 years for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in the areas of  Civil, Structural,  Hydraulics, and Water Quality engineering design and construction; where he managed civil engineering design teams, a project plannig group, and was the construction manger on several comerecial/industrial projects. Additionally, he is a Registered Civil Engineer in State of California.  This technical background has made Terry an expert at communicating technical ideas to non-technical audiences.


Terry then completed his MBA at the University of Southern California (USC), where he got interested in business, and sales and marketing in specific; and as a result of this training Terry realized that in order to become successful in business he needed strong people/communication skills, which lead him to personally develop himself in this area to the point where he was the expert teaching other professionals how to increase their people/communication skills. After receiving his MBA, Terry got excited about the idea of owning his own business, and started Strom International, a international direct sales company that generated sales both domestically and internationally, requiring him to travel throughout the United States and Internationally teaching, training, mentoring, and public speaking.  


As a public speaker Terry has spoken on stages with Tom Landry, Rudy Rutiger, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Oliver North, Shad Hemstetter, Wes Bevis, Tim Timmons, and Willie Jollie.  He has spoken in front of over 250,000 professionals in small groups to large groups over 15,000 people in size at major arenas across the United States .  Also, Terry is a writer and has co-authored 4 books that are focused on motivation and professional personal business development.  His first book, “The Power of Motivation” includes Terry and motivational speakers Les Brown and Willie “Famous” Amos. His second and third books “Conversations of Success” include Terry and Dr. Dennis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Dr. John Gray. And his 4th book, "Mission Possible" will include Terry and Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy.

Additionally, Terry was asked to become a consultant in the area of business development and team building during the internet boom in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, which led to him becoming the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Software Development Firm and Technical Business Consulting Company, and later a VP/Director of Sales for an international Medical Services firm where he doubled their sales in the first 3 years after 9/11.  Additionally, Terry is an expert at developing sales training programs, and recently created a 130 page in-depth training manual and 24 audio CD training program for selling a very complex medical service to doctors.


Terry also worked with top Fortune 50 sales and marketing consultants, Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes, and became a friend of marketing guru Jay Levinson, of the Guerrilla Marketing book series fame, eventually becoming a Certified Guerrilla Business Coach.  In addition, Terry acquired his E-business certificate from University of California , Irvine to better his ability to assist companies increase their sales by using the internet as a marketing and sales medium.

Terry is also a consultant for developers that build medical office buildings and is responsible for the preliminary research on the feasiblity of new projects. Additionally, on these projects he manages the work of the civil engineering consulting firms responsible for the civil engineering design, manages the construction, and is also responsible for obtaining all required entitlements and governmental/utility permits and approvals.

Lastly, after acquiring his real estate license, Terry became a successful real estate developer building and selling custom homes in the Southern California/San Diego area.