5 Step Process

Definition of "Optimize":  Means to make something function at its best or most effective level, or to use something to its best advantage.

Terry Strom comes along side you, the business owner, and assists and encourages you to utilize your skills at their best or most effective level.

He also assists you in moving all of your business units to their best and most effective level of operation, so that you and your customers can take the best advantage of what you and your company do.

Moreover, Terry will go through his 5-step process with you that assess, evaluate, and modifies your operations in order for them to run at their most efficient level; which decreases costs, increases profits, and lays the groundwork for taking your business to the next level of revenue and profitability. 

Below is a summary of the 5 Step process that Terry will take you through:

  1. First you and Terry go through a complete assessment of all your business operating units.
  2. Then both of you evaluate which processes need to be modified, and then go through a prioritization process to determine which processes will be the first to be worked on.
  3. Then together you and Terry will put together a plan of action to effect this change with proper delegation.
  4. After which both of you will execute this plan and set up milestones to determine your success with the plan.
  5. Then Terry will keep you and your delegated personnel focused on executing and completing the plan; during which time you will make adjustments as needed to properly execute the plan.

Then you and Terry will pick the second most urgent issue and follow this same process until its execution.  Depending on your budget and time frame, we may tackle more than one issue at a time.   But the major change I want to make is to get you, the business owner, to start a process of spending some time each week working "on" your business rather than spending all your time just on working "in" your business tactically and seldom effecting change. 

Terry's time for going through this process can either be enlisted on a weekly basis where he spends a minimum of one 45 to 50 minute session with you and/or your delegated representative each week on the phone, or he  will go on site for a day at a time, or any combination of these options.